My writing has progressed in many ways. I have been able to develop my writing differently compared to my other works of writing. I have attempted to build my vocabulary by noting words I do not understand and finding their meaning. I try to implement as many words as I can into my writing. When I write, I try to eliminate any words that are unnecessary, and through the paramedic method I have been able to cut out unnecessary words that make my writing repetitive and tedious to read. I also try to find the simplest way to write and explain a certain part of my writing. I attempt to keep the word count to the asked minimum or maximum. By following the word count, it helps the writing stay concentrated on the topic and helps check if they are extra words that can be eliminated. The word count, for me, is a way to keep track of how much I write. There are times that the word count becomes so crucial, it becomes a big factor in how I structure my essay as a whole. Through this class, I have been able to keep the word count to the asked amount while still making my writing effective and getting my ideas across.
It is easy to not focus on your grammar, which has been an issue for me, personally. I tend to forget about the grammar because of how focused I am on the content of my writing. To improve grammar in my writing, I usually read over and revise. Revisions help to obtain a polished essay with little to no grammar mistakes. Good grammar is important to not ruin credibility. Bad grammar may lead to the reader becoming uninterested. At the same time, style is important to keep in mind while writing. The style you take on in your writing may help with the writing effectiveness. Style is a big part of the way I write. I always attempt to structure my writing in such a way that the writing flows smoothly. I am always looking to add transitions to help the flow of my writing. I find transitions effective because it keeps everything organized and helps me go from one idea to another.